Shannon Swindle's summer market salad sings with a medley of beans

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Fresh blue lake green beans and yellow wax beans are blanched and combined with cooked dried varieties for a seasonal bean salad. Photo by Shannon Swindle.

When it comes to packing items that can be prepped ahead or grilled over a campfire, pastry chef Shannon Swindle knows how to fill a cooler. Fresh off the opening of Funke in Beverly Hills, he met market correspondent Gillian Ferguson at the Wednesday Santa Monica Farmer's Market to shop for tomatoes, squash, and beans. By blanching the fresh beans and cooking the dry, Swindle assembles a make-ahead bean salad that is perfect for a camping trip or as a backyard barbecue side dish.

Swindle enjoys pork over the fire including sausages, shoulder steaks, and bacon. Spring onions, long green peppers, and fava beans that can be oiled and seasoned then thrown on the grill are additional market offerings that can be easily transported.